from 11 February 2020

The conventional television programs of “ELTRONA” are replaced by our programs. Different channels like “Canal Info”, “Info ACT” and “Nordliicht TV” will be put into operation by us.
The Pay-TV programs of “ELTRONA” will not be continued to be broadcast for technical and financial reasons, which we can no longer influence. Members with a Pay-TV bouquet of this company have been or will be contacted by ELTRONA and should also contact our association.

Here is a short summary of our Pay-Tv negotiations

At a meeting with representatives of “ELTRONA” in November 2019, it was agreed that we would continue to receive the ‘Pay-Tv signal from ELTRONA on the condition that we would have to provide a fiber optic line, for which we immediately made all the necessary arrangements.
The existing technical infrastructure could then most likely continue to be used, which would not result in any major costs for our association.

At the beginning of December we were told that we would still have to order technical infrastructure (fiber optic transmitter, receiver) for about 10.000 €, which we agreed to.

In the middle of December we had to order a backup transmitter and additionally we had to filter out the Pay-Tv programs ourselves. It would also not be possible to stick to the date of 11 February. All in all the price would have more than doubled due to these requirements. This investment would have had to be paid for by all members, including those without Pay-Tv.

When we informed ELTRONA at the beginning of January that we did not agree with this, we did not receive a reply until 13th January, when we and our members found the cancellation of our Pay-Tv contracts in our mailbox.

We are sorry that we will not be able to offer Pay-Tv to our members in the future, but we do not want to be blackmailed either.

From February 11th our community antenna will feed the following TV channels into our network.

Programmen ACT
The best thing to do is to reset your TV set to factory settings on February 11th. This will delete all old channel lists in the device. Then start a new search.

Depending on the TV set, the following values must be entered when searching:

Source: Cable (not antenna or satellite)
Full search or frequency search (not network or fast)
digital transmitters (analogue transmitters no longer exist)
Encrypted and unencrypted channels
QAM: 256 Symbol rate: 6,875

If you have problems to set our channels, please contact us.