Before our new head-end station starts regular operation on 11 February 2020 , a number of adjustments still have to be made. For this reason, our channel “ACT-Info” will not longer be broadcast on the frequency 226,000 MHz from next week. It will be replaced by a new info channel running on 162,000 MHz. This channel is currently undergoing a test phase. If you have any problems with the changeover, please contact one of our employees. Further information can be found soon in a circular letter.

You can find this channel at the moment by performing a manual search run on your TV at 226.000 Mhz; QAM 256 with a symbol rate of 6 875 Ksps. The Channel is called ACT-Info. (all these data can change at any time during the tests)

It is important that you do not run a complete search on your TV, otherwise the order of all your channels will be confused.

As soon as this test phase has been completed, we will inform all our members about this info-channel by means of a letter. The members who are not able to set this channel on their device can, from that time on, contact a member of the managment of the ACT. Then we will help you to adjust your TV.

With our website we will inform you about the broadcasting times and the contents of the information channel.

With our info channel we want to try to keep our members up to date with the latest news in our community. In a first phase we will run information boards as slide shows and repeat information shows from past times. And who know, maybe new info shows will be produced in the medium term…

Info boards (slide show):

On these boards we want to inform our members what is going on in our community. For this purpose everyone who wants to communicate something over our channel can inform us about it by sending an email to . For each event, one board is free of charge for associations from our community. Also private information, such as lost objects or lost animals, etc. are free. Contact us for more information.

Info show: (in Luxembourgish language)

During the test phase old info shows are shown. This test program has a duration of about 10 hours, and then starts all over again.
After the test phase it is planned to broadcast the info shows at fixed times. The corresponding times can be found later on the info boards and on our homepage.