Since our new head-end station started regular operation on 11 February 2020, we have also had the opportunity to integrate our own television programmes into our television signal again. We currently operate two channels which are broadcast via our network.
These two channels are:

Canal Info ACT HD

On information boards we want to inform our members about events and activities in our community. For this purpose, anyone who wants to announce something via our channel can contact us by sending an email to One board per event is free of charge for associations from our community. Private information, such as lost objects or escaped animals, etc. is also free of charge. Contact us for more information.

Info Kanal ACT HD (in Luxembourgish)

Between 1993 and 2009, various members of the Community Antenna staff went around the commune and the surrounding area with their video cameras and recorded all the upcoming activities in sound and vision. The resulting videos were presented each Sunday in the form of an “info show” to the subscribers of the community antenna via the info channel.

Thus the Community Antenna has a remarkable archive of interesting video recordings from past years. This material has now been digitised and is broadcast in a continuous loop on our “Info Kanal ACT HD”.

If you have private video material at home that is of general interest, this can also be broadcast on our channel. And you never know, maybe new info shows will be produced again in the medium term….

You can find the two channels at the moment by doing a manual search run on your TV set, on 162.000 Mhz; QAM 256 with a symbol rate of 6 875 Ksps.

In 2019, the “Ciné-Video-Amateurs Troisvierges” decided to dissolve their club due to a lack of members. This association had filmed actuality in the commune from as early as 1976, and continued to do so until 2019, and had edited each into an annual review.

As we are now the only association within the municipality that handles such videos, the Ciné-Video-Amateurs decided to leave all their material to us. As soon as some formalities with the municipality have been completed, we will also be able to broadcast this material on our channel.