Our offer

The price of the subscription

At a price of €170 per year, you can receive 95 digital television channels in seven different languages. You can also listen to 45 digital radio stations via our community antenna.

170,-€ per year, that’s 14,17€ per month. With this price, we don’t have to hide from the other providers on the market. At this price we deliver the signal to the home, where every household can operate as many televisions as they want.

The price of the installation

A new connection is free. From a certain number of televisions, additional amplifiers may need to be installed, but this is only a one-time investment. If we need to modify or reinstall anything in your home, we charge 25€ per hour per employee. Ask us – we will be happy to make you a non-binding cost estimate.

Bouquets with other television programmes

At ELTRONA you can buy additional program bouquets. These programs are fed into our network by ELTRONA.

For each television set, however, you needed either a “CI+ module” for €70 or a digital cable receiver. You can purchase these from an electrician who works with ELTRONA.
Here in the north of the country these are:

  • WEMPERHARDT Electro-Center – 4a, op der Haart – L-9999 WEMPERHARDT
  • WILTZ Electricité Op der Lann S.A.R.L. – 7a, av. Nicolas Kreins – L-9536 WILTZ
  • WILTZ Electricité Roger Glodt-Becker – 36, rue de la Fontaine – L-9521 WILTZ

(A complete list of these electricians can be found at ELTRONA under Revendeurs.

For more information about the bouquets, please contact ELTRONA or a close electrician who works with ELTRONA.