About us

Our community antenna functions as an association of which every household in the commune can become a membership.
The management of the association is currently composed of 5 members.

Here is a brief historical overview

Our community antenna was founded on June 13, 1967 at the initiative of the local syndicat d’initiative to provide the residents of Troisvierges and Biwisch with the best possible television reception. Already in October 1967, 6 programs were introduced into the network.

The first receiving mast at the end of Josy Conrad Street was replaced in 1978 by a new 32-metre high mast.

During the first major expansion, the villages of Wilwerdange, Drinklange and Goedange were connected to the existing network in 1988. The first head-end station (the building from which the received signals are injected into the network) was located on Josy Conrad Street and measured only a few square metres. Due to its more central location, Drinklange was chosen in 1988 as the location for a new head-end station. This building initially consisted of two prefabricated garages placed next to each other.

In 1990, during a storm on February 26, the reception mast at the Drinklange head station, which was only two years old, collapsed. The next day, most of the programs were temporarily reintroduced.

The second major extension was to connect the villages of Bas- and Hautbellain to our network.

In 1992, a delivery van was purchased as a company vehicle, which is still in service today.

In 1994, the current head-end station was built. Once the shell and roof were completed by a company, all the interior and exterior work was carried out by the association itself.

In 1994, Huldange was connected to the ACT network by fibre optic as the last major extension. The entire municipality was now in a network and most of the cables were laid underground.

In order to allow the transition from analog to digital signal, all amplifiers in our network had to be replaced by adapted models during 2006.

New equipment should also have been purchased for the head-end station to digitally process the antenna signal. This purchase was circumvented when in 2007, the possibility arose to buy the signal from “Eltrona Distribution” and inject it into our existing network.

For various reasons, it was decided in 2018 to become independent again from “Eltrona”. From February 11, 2020 we will be processing our own signal on our head-end station to feed it into our network.